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Our Story

 About Us 

Welcome to Steeped & Stoked Tea Company. Next to water, natural tea is my favorite drink, because it was everywhere while growing up…when I lived in the city and on the farm. Every sip…the tastes, smells, and preparation reminds me of fond memories and help me create new experiences.


As a school teacher, my mother drank zesty invigorating teas to begin her day…and drank calming teas in the evening to settle her mind, rejuvenate her tired body, and prepare for rest.


As an everyday indulgence or party favorite, family and friends, drank iced teas infused with natural flavors such as mint, strawberry, coconut, and mango to diversify its taste profile, as a natural alternative to other high-calorie and unsatisfying soft drinks.

And yes…tea is still the preferred and proverbial beverage to soothe sickness. It’s also known for its antioxidants and health benefits to assist with inflammation, hypertension, digestion, circulation, stress relief, and aging… just to name a few.


My goal is to provide authentic whole-leaf tea to novice and experienced tea consumers.  My hope is to provide a space where tea lovers and enthusiasts meet, experience global teas, and increase their knowledge…one sip at a time.

Our Mission

Steeped & Stoked Tea Company

“One sip and you’re in love”

In this dynamic world, it is important to take time and enjoy life.

We can do this by savoring these moments, rather than ignoring the colors, tastes, and textures that make life remarkable.

Tea is more than a liquid refreshment, it’ s an opportunity to relax, relate, and sip at a time.



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